Wisconsin DMV Appointment

In this page, we provide you with Wisconsin DMV Appointment details for any department of motor vehicle matters including driver’s license, vehicle registration, tests, permits, tags and more.

Here is the official website address for Wisconsin DMV Appointment where you can schedule your department of motor vehicle appointment where you can get all the DMV information for Wisconsin Department of Transportation:


Wisconsin DMV Appointment Phone Number

Wisconsin DMV Appointment phone number is 608-266-1466

This Wisconsin DMV Appointment phone number is working on regular hours and the Alabama DMV team is ready to get your call and assist you. It is recommended first to use the online form with the link above to make the appointment and call if needed.

Wisconsin DMV Appointment Address

Below you can find Wisconsin DMV Appointment location to where you need to go for your DMV appointment or send mail:

Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Address: 4802 Sheboygan Avenue
City: Madison
State/ZIP Code: WI 53702

Due to the COVID-19, many of the services provided by Wisconsin DMV, are now available online but you can still make a Wisconsin DMV Appointment for any of the following services:

* Vehicle Registration Services
* Registration Renewal
* Update Address & Contact Information
* Registration Replacement
* Registration Refund
* Sold Notice-Submit
* Disability Placard Replacement
* Motor Vehicle Record
* Vehicle Fees/Taxes Paid
* Restricted 3-Day Permit
* Fleet Management
* Off-Highway Decals
* Title Services
* Title Replacement
* Check Vehicle Title Status
* Driver License & ID Services
* Driver License Application
* Driver License Replacement
* Identification Card Application
* Identification Card Replacement
* Commercial Driver License Application
* Commercial Driver License Replacement
* Driver License Record
* Manage Insurance
* Manage Compliance Issues
* Prepaid Voucher
* Vehicle Registration Renewal
* Plates/Tags Transfer, Registration
* Motor Vehicle Records

Need additional assistance or information about Wisconsin DMV Appointment? please contact us, team of experts are here to help you – we will do all the work for you, for free.

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